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About Us

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    A message from Lee Gabor:

Welcome to our site promoting all things wonderful about Ellis County, Texas. The people here are friendly, helpful, and terrific. We are close enough to Dallas and Fort Worth to enjoy big city events, when desired. Life here, however, is a little slower, less expensive, without the big city traffic frazzle, and we can still watch cotton, sunflowers, corn, and lots of other crops grow. Even better, we can watch our children and grandchildren learn and develop in good schools and churches and in safe neighborhoods. We offer fun and educational activities year round with the many events in our cities, towns, UAs (unincorporated areas), and various named communities.

Ellis county features an abundance of successful businesses as well as organizations representing many interests. With this website, we want to ensure that current, new, and prospective residents, as well as visitors, know what products, services, and events are available throughout the area. Please check the Calendar for a list of events.


We want to suggest that the best way for us to ensure Ellis County remains a great place to live is for each of us to get involved in county and city governments and to know our neighbors. We don't want to "wake up" in ten years, complaining that our cities and towns have become as congested, expensive, and unsafe as some in the large neighboring counties. There are reasons people are moving from Plano, Lewisville, The Colony, Allen, Richardson, Carrollton, Dallas, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington, Fort Worth, etc., to our neighborhoods.

Projections for our growth prepared by the North Texas Council of Governments show:

North Central Texas 2030 Demographic Forecast

Ellis County

  2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030
Population 109,431* 139,780 180,617 241,778 329,476 378,161 448,588
37,020* 48,287 63,212 85,701 117,444 134,573 160,209
49,071 56,952 65,286 78,315 94,110 120,079 162,769

By paying attention NOW to the FACT that the population of Ellis County is INCREASING (Waxahachie by 18% in 2008, Ellis County 33% since 2000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau), we can gather information, do research, draw up logical plans for effective and efficient management of our communities, and IMPLEMENT those plans for positive results. Action is important. It sure beats reacting AFTER we discover the lives of our children and families are not the quality we desire. 

Residents have the right to attend the county commissioners meetings, which are held on the 2nd floor courtroom at the County Courthouse (the Square in downtown Waxahachie) on the 2nd Monday (10 am) and 4th Monday (6 pm). Click here to go to county government page that offers agendas, minutes, and other information. 

It is important to know in which county precinct you live. Citizens have a right to meet our local government officials. 

We also have a right to attend our local city's or town's council meetings. There is information on the Ellis County Government page and, on each city/town page on our site, we've provided a link to the government website for that locality. If we've missed a link, please let us know by emailing Lee@MyEllisCountyTX.com

We also have the right to run for elected positions. On the Palmer Government page is information on how to run for city council in Palmer. Much of this information may be the same for other localities in our county. 

Our own philosophy is: it is far better to immediately contact someone in our local or county government with the problem or need when the situation is controllable rather than waiting. 

If you live in a rural area of the county, please consider getting involved in organizations and supporting the businesses in one of your nearby communities. Also, try to make time to become familiar with the county government and meetings. What happens at that level affects all of us. Becoming active by attending government meetings, joining organizations, and shopping in Ellis County is a wonderful way to meet residents we might never otherwise meet.


On a personal note, our family lives out in the county, but have become involved in various towns around us. We try to buy everything we need from business in Ellis County. That sometimes means paying a bit more, but it also means we care that our neighbors are able to make a living.

Our prayers are that you will have a wonderful life and experience in our county. It is a great place to visit, work, and to live.

Please email me with any suggestions or corrections you have regarding this website. My email is Lee@MyEllisCountyTX.com (capital letters not required - just makes it easier to read the URL).


It has always been easy for me to see future consequences of current actions. From 1968-1972, I was in Indiana working as a newspaper reporter covering political news and writing a weekly business and construction column (among other assignments). It became absolutely clear to me at that time that the United States was headed down a disastrous path if we allowed all of our manufacturing to leave. Since I worked up north, I could see the devastation being created as the steel mills closed and jobs went overseas.

I began to lobby the U.S. Congress to pass a law mandating that one-half of everything Americans bought was manufactured in our country. I thought this was fair and I firmly believed it would keep many manufacturing jobs in our country as well as allow us the benefit of importing goods from other countries. It certainly would mean our large corporations could not produce 100% of their goods overseas and transport them here for sale. I wanted Americans to have jobs IN America. Unfortunately, my efforts failed, as did those of others who could see the ultimate effect of letting our manufacturing companies exit. We moved to an "Information" based economy and I don't think that has worked well for us. 

I continue to email Congress people and Senators about such a law (to no avail, obviously). I can't do much about what is happening in Washington, DC, although I continue to try. And I do vote! 

In September, 2009, I was sitting in the monthly meeting of a local Service Organization. Two mothers of Cub Scouts came to the meeting to request help with money for uniforms. The members at my table looked at each other and we all stated, "I didn't know we had Cub Scouts in our town!" I realized then how much information we may be missing in our local communities. 

We have a few wonderful local newspapers, but they can't tell us everything. In fact, I had been considering publishing an online newspaper for one for of our towns, but research and polling friends in the area in August 2009 indicated it wasn't a feasible venture at this time. Therefore, I realized we needed a website that was more information based. As a member of Ellis County Master Gardeners since February 2009, my attention has been focused on us as a county, rather than just one local community. I began to think along the line of a county-wide website providing information and had begun research on the feasibility. Soon after I began  my research, a business owner in a nearby town suggested I consider doing a website for that town. Her idea reinforced my belief that we needed something online to feature the businesses and organizations in each community, even if that meant a site with quite a few pages.

I began the process of establishing this website and believe it is a way to promote Ellis County and, hopefully, make it more secure and prosperous for working people as well as provide information about our local non-profits, events, etc. Fortunately, my knowledge of and experiences in newspaper reporting, pr-marketing, and website design would make establishing this site possible and I could do this at as low a cost as feasible. I'm excited about this site and have received wonderful feedback from friends and neighbors as I've explained what we're doing.

Together, I believe we can make our Ellis County the best place to live in the United States. Thank you for your support of this venture and of our communities. The best to you and God bless your and your family and all of your good endeavors.


Lee holds a BA degree in Education from Huron College, Huron, SD, and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas at Arlington. As a child and teen in Atlanta, GA, she played piano and organ in the church her parents pastored and worked in her dad's non-profit business at the church - an office and school supply store. She also sang in church as well as  on the radio in Atlanta. 

At 18 years old, she started her first business, brokering printing. After three years of college, she became a newspaper reporter (1968-1971), writing a wide variety of articles. She took a strong interest in the events of the Vietnam War. During those years as a reporter, friends would ask for her help booking their bands. She also helped book her husband's band. Since she performed music for weddings and receptions, as well as other events, Lee knew the importance of contracts, marketing, professional behavior, etc. 

In 1971, divorced and with two children, Lee decided to return to college to earn her degree. The local Business & Professional Women's Club gave her a scholarship, which, along with grants and scholarships from Huron College, allowed Lee the opportunity to obtain her BA degree. Since Huron College did not have a journalism program, Lee finished with a BA in Education. 

After graduation, in order to ensure she had time to spend with her two young children, Lee opened a talent agency and performing arts academy. She owned and operated the businesses for 25 years. Side businesses Lee began during that time offered items and services to talents Lee booked who were "on the road" and not near major cities. Lee continued to perform during those years as well as did event and wedding planning. 

In 1995, a family illness occurred and Lee closed the agency and academy. Over the next few years, she worked part-time completing freelance writing contracts and project management contracts. In 2002, after the death of her father, Lee accepted a teaching job with Dallas ISD. She taught 5th and 6th grades at Silberstein Elementary School from August 2002 through May 2006. During the 2005-2006 school year, she earned a Masters Degree with Principal Certification from UTA and was named recipient of three teaching awards for her innovations in using music and technology in the classroom. 

During the 2006-2008 school years, Lee was Academic Coordinator in two Dallas ISD schools. She left teaching in June, 2008 and moved to Ellis County in November 2008 to live near her son and his family.

Lee has two children and many grandchildren. Daughter Kristina and her husband Rick live in Missouri with their children and son Rocky and his wife Ginger live in Ellis County with their children. Lee's two oldest grandchildren live in Carrollton. 

Lee is active in various organizations. She lobbies local, state, and national legislatures on issues important to maintaining quality of life. 

In 2007, Lee wrote a short story for which she won first place in a fiction contest and also wrote a novel. Over 2008, Lee expanded the novel and wrote words and music for a theme song for the book. Both book and song are available for purchase on Lee's website

In January of 2009, Lee formed Aquarian Age Inc., a Texas corporation to publish books, music, and sell products. She serves as President of the company. Lee Gabor & Associates, publisher of this website, is a DBA of the corporation.

Lee's hobbies include genealogy and visiting historical sites. She considers herself a patriot, especially since both maternal and paternal ancestors came to America shortly after Jamestown was founded. Many of these founding ancestors were active in early American politics and Bacon's Rebellion against England. Descendents of the founding ancestors participated in the American Revolution and every war since. In addition, her paternal grandmother was one-half Cherokee Indian, giving Lee a love of Native American history. She has held a lifelong interest in philosophies, histories of religions, and life management techniques.

More information is available at Lee's personal website.


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