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Strengthening and supporting our Ellis County communities"SM


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To find businesses, non-profits, government links, and histories for the 9 largest cities and towns, please click a designation on the "hotspot map" below or click a button in the navigation box at the top of the page 

For the other towns, unincorporated areas, and rural communities, please click on the name below or click on the "More Communities" button in the navigation bar.

Alma    Alsdorf    Auburn    

Bardwell  Bell Branch   Boyce    Boz-Bethel    Bristol    Britton    Byrd

Creechville    Crisp    


FivePoints    Forreston    

Garrett    Griffith    


Ike    India    

Lone Cedar    Lone Elm    Lumkins    

Maypearl    Milford    Mountain Peak    

Nash    Nelson    Nena

Oak Grove    Oak Leaf    Onion Creek    

Pecan Hill    Plum Grove    

Rankin    Reagor Springs    Rockett

Sand Lake    Sardis    Sonoma    Sterrett    

Tellico    Trumbull    


Walnut Springs    Ward   


The following are no longer named communities. Link leads to US Gen Web Project history or to city/town that is now the name of the locality

Ash     Astonia & Gamble     Atwell/Baldridge/Ballie/Barker     Bells Chapel     Bells Chapel Church     Berry's Chapel/Pluto     Bethel (see Boz; also wee Wilton and Bethel later in this section)     Bluff Springs (see Ike)     Bradley     Broomwheat     Brushy Creek     Buena Vista     Byron (see Byrd)     Old Burnham Square       Burnham Townsite Map     Carroll     Center Point     Chambers Creek (see Forreston)     Clemma (see Trumbull)      Collier Chapel     Corinth     Dalton     Derr's Chapel     East India (see India)     Ebenezer Church     Eyrie and Glenco     Fairview and Griffith Switch     Files Valley     Gamble (see Astonia & Gamble previously in this section)     Ghosthill (see Trumbull)    Glenco (see Eyrie and Glenco previously in this section)     Greathouse Community     Greathouse Church     Hamrock     Hellendale (see Britton)     Henry     Hickory Grove     Hickory Grove Store     Hollandale (see Britton)     Hopewell and Leland or Spunkie's Ridge     Jay and Kenwood     Leakes     Leland (see Hopewell and Leland previously in this section)     Liberty-Sylvania     Long Branch    Mackie (see Trumbull)     Maloney and J.M. Maloney     Manhita     McDaniel/Montclair/Nelson Switch/Yale     Mammoth Springs     Montclair (see McDaniel previously in this section)     Morgan (see India)    Onion and Little Onion on the Gen Web page, continue reading past the word "end" (apparently not the same as Onion Creek)     Nation Town/Ozro     Neil's Valley     Nelson (see McDaniel previously in this section)     New Town     Oak    Onward     Quinlan     Pecan Grove (see Twin Elm later in this section)     Pluto (see Berry's Chapel, previously in this section)     Rough Neck (see Dalton above)     St. Paul     Sanderson     Sims Post Office at Greathouse Community     Slate Rock     Slay     South Prong     Spring Garden (see Wynn later in this section)     Spout Springs     Spunkie (see Hopewell and Leland previously in this section)     Sylvania (see Liberty-Sylvania previously in this section)     The Switch (see Trumbull)     Tight Wad (see Twin Elm later in this section)     Trinity City (see Tellico)     Twin Elm/Pecan Grove/Tight Wad     Union Hill     Village Creek     Wardlaw     White League Church     Wilton and Bethel with New Bethel Grove and new Bethel Church     Wyatt     Wynn with Spring Garden


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