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If you will check other advertising sites, you'll see we offer the lowest costs BY FAR. 

Prices are plus sales tax (we checked with the State of Texas and sales tax is due on all of our services). All purchases are payable in advance. Order forms are available in PDF format for the various types of advertising. Go to Adobe.com to download free PDF reader if you need it. Order forms can be printed, completed, and mailed to us with payment. 

Please seen refund policy at end of page

We accept 

cash (face to face, not through mail, Lee will fill out order form with you)

checks and money orders - payee Lee Gabor & Associates (you can print order form, complete it, and mail to us)

Visa and MasterCard - call Lee at 469-471-4439; your statement will show Aquarian Age Inc. (Lee will take order by phone)



Mail-Order form for Job Bank, Classified Ads, Training

Job Bank - $10.00 for 50 words per month, $20.00 a month if you add blind account number for responses (info sent to use and we forward to you)

Classified Ads for sale and wanted - items/real estate/rentals - $10.00 for 50 words per month

Training - classes with topic, date, time, place, trainer - $10.00 for 50 words per month


Mail-Order forms you can print and mail for Listings, Links, and Full-Page Information site

    For Profit Businesses ($20 for listing or link)

    Non-Profit Service Organizations ($12 for listing or link)

LISTING - lets Ellis county residents and other know about you! You can list on "Our Ellis County" page under one or more category classifications (you submit category) and on as many community pages as you desire, again you submit category classification. 

For profit businesses - $20 per year per listing (name, address, city, telephone #, 12 descriptive words); Non-profits and service organizations - $12 per year per listing (name, address, city, telephone # if you have one, 12 descriptive words)

LINKS - lets Ellis County residents and others know about your website - FROM OUR SITE TO YOUR DOMAIN NAME WEBSITE OR FROM A PAGE WITHIN OUR SITE TO YOUR FULL PAGE ON OUR SITE (if we create a full page for you on our site, your first 2 links are free; if we create and maintain your domain name site, first 2 links are free) 

For-profit businesses - $20 per year per link (name, city, telephone #, 12 descriptive words) (choices are "Our Ellis County" page under category or categories you suggest and the many city, town, unincorporated area, and community pages) - example: you choose to list on "Our Ellis County" page and on the "Red Oak Business page," you pay $40 per year. 

Non-profit businesses and service organizations - $12 per year per link (name, city, telephone # if you have one, 12 descriptive words, same choices of pages) 

1-PAGE INFORMATION SITE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR $130 FIRST YEAR, THEREAFTER HOSTING FEE ONLY (with no changes to page) - provides information about your business or organization. Does NOT include a domain name or email. This is a PAGE on our site available by links on our website..

Two free links (name, city, telephone # if you have one, 12 descriptive words) - you select the pages and you suggest the categories. Additional links are available. You may want your link under one or more additional categories on "Our Ellis County" page or you may want links on additional community pages. After your two free links, price is $20 per link per year each for a profit business or at $12 per link per year non-profit. Introductory Price for initial page includes:

$20 one-time setup

$50 design fee - you suggest background and text colors

$60 hosting fee for one year

and gives you one page with up to 2 photos you send (jpeg format), logo you send, banner you send. If you don't send a banner or don't have us create one for you ($200), we list the name of your business or organization at the top of the page. If you don't have a logo, we can create one ($300).

If you page remains the same, you pay only a hosting fee for additional years. Changes are $30 for minor changes (adding additional photos, for example - additional photo charge is $5 each) and $50 for complete re-design of page.

Also available are logo design $300; banner design $200, hotspot map (see home page at http://LeeGabor.com) $200, slide show  $200 if you provide pics in jpeg; if we take photos, there is an extra shooting fee of $30 (1 hour) plus $5 for each photo used.



Call Lee to order a full website. Lee will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your needs. Payment is in advance.


They are running out of addresses available on the Internet - get your domain name web address NOW!

WEB ADDRESS, for example, our address is http://MyEllisCountyTX.com) - provides you with an international identity on the Internet/World Wide Web AND a web address for your business cards AND up to 100 email addresses

Check for these on websites we've created: http://LeeGabor.com  (hotspot map on home page)            http://EagleRockGolfClub.com  (logo, news button, navigation buttons we created; on news page about the flood - a number of thumbnail photos that can be clicked to appear in large format - thumbnails allow page to download more quickly) 

If we create and maintain your website, you receive two free links on this site. You select pages and suggest categories. Additional links available at $20 per year each for a profit business or at $12 per year non-profit. Price includes:

$25 one-time setup

$50 register domain name (free to transfer a domain name you already have)

$50 design fee per page with up to 3 photos included

$60 per quarter (3 months) hosting (or you may pay $240 for year in advance)

$2 each email setup, up to 100 available

After initial quarter:

$60 web hosting per quarter (if you didn't pay for the whole year)

After initial year:

$25 annual domain name renewal

$240 per year (or $60 per quarter) web hosting

Design changes are $30 for up to 3 minor changes on page or $50 full page change.

Also available are logo design $300; banner design $200, hotspot map (see home page at http://LeeGabor.com) $200, slide show $200 if you provide pics in jpeg; if we take photos, there is an extra shooting fee of $30 (1 hour) plus $5 for each photo used.

DUAL SITE - two or more domain names lead to one hosted website, which keeps the hosting cost lower 

A dual site setup gives you the appearance of having two websites with two different domain names, but both are hosted through one url (website).

For example, your home page has both businesses listed and you click graphic to "enter" each "site." Your visitors can arrive at the home page by typing two different domain name addresses. Once on the site, they visit the pages of interest to them. The advantage is, they are aware of other business products/service or non-profit help you offer.

Since a site can have a hundred pages, this is an efficient use of advertising dollars. You are paying for one website instead of two, although you must pay for each domain name registration and renewal. You will have email addresses at only one URL, not both. 

You pay for 

initial one-time setup $25

initial registration of domain names $50 each 

initial transfer fee $15 for each additional domain name (doesn't include the domain name for your hosted site)

design fee per page up to 3 photos for your hosted site $50 (the other domain names don't actually have a site - they are transferred to your hosted site, so the only design fee is $50 per page at your hosted site)

one hosting site $60 per quarter or $240 per year

email setup for hosted site (email is not available at transferred domain name) $2 each setup, up to 100 mailboxes

After first year 

each domain  name annual renewal $25 

each domain name annual transfer fee $15 (doesn't include the domain name for your hosted website - you are not transferring that domain name to another domain name)

hosting site $60 per quarter or $240 per year



Because our prices are so low, regrettably, we cannot refund 

set-up fees

listing or link fees


design work we do (if you are not pleased, we will try to fix the page/logo/banner, etc., so that you are pleased)

initial domain name registration

email setup

if you want to stop your domain name, you must let us know at least 2 weeks before date of renewal

job bank and blind job bank 

classified listing

one-page site fee for the year

domain name site quarterly fee

Full domain sites, since payment is in advance, we pro-rate refund if you cancel your 

domain name site annual fee paid in advance

Any cancellations will be done within two days after request IN WRITING.

If you  have questions or suggestions for improving our service, please email Lee@MyEllisCountyTX.com.


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